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What You Need To Know About Indian Spices

Curry is around 5000 years old and the word in English but its derivation is from an Indian word “Kari” which means vegetables cooked in spices. Indian spices are famous worldwide for their natural exotic flavor. It is a gravy-like a dish or a stew dish with spices and seasonings with hot and sour flavors. You can eat this dish with rice or chapatis.

Authentic curry, although not easy to find, is one of the fastest growing ethnic food trends because of its unique taste and aroma. Each region of India has its own blend of spices that they use in a curry but the one thing that everyone has in common is that they use the method of marination and slow cooking. Slow cooking ensures that all spices and herbs mix well with the meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables.


Plants are the source from which we take spices and consist of dried barks, buds, berries, seeds, and fruit. They add to the taste of the dish and have a wonderful aroma that makes the eating experience much better. When you heat them with the dish, they add their own scent to it. It is advisable not to store them in containers made of glass because they will lose their aromatic properties and make sure that the container is airtight.


Bhuna is a word used for the technique used in cooking where you add spices to the dish alongside hot oil. The hot oil releases the natural oil, flavors of the spices, and removes their raw taste. The word “Bhuna” literally means, “fry in oil” and it is an important part of making curry.

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Tarka or Bargar

This technique involves the frying of whole spices in oil. The process helps to cook out the raw taste of Indian spices. It is important the spices be whole and the oil is hot. You need to heat them only to a point where they start to show color and float on top of the oil. Take them out of the dish before they blacken. This procedure is fast and easy if you use things like mustard seeds or cumin seeds.


This is a mixture of spices sautéed in oil or ghee. The most famous type is the garam masala, which has a blend of different spices, and each component varies from one household to another. It can be used as a garnish as well.

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