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What to consider before installing a wet room

All parts of the house are important and no part is less significant than the rest, whether it is the kitchen or the bathroom. Nowadays, house planning is more focused on space maximization due to which wet rooms in London are becoming really popular. Not all homes are built on wider areas of land. If your family is growing then eventually, you will run out of space too. You will be left with limited options and you will either have to make extensions or reduce space where it is possible and necessary.

In many homes, it is not a practical option to install a shower cubicle because the space is too limited. The small space makes it impossible for such a build to take place. The solution to this problem is to have a wet room installed so the issue of space can be dealt by building a less roomy shower area. For this to happen, a lot of planning and experienced construction is required.

Wet Rooms in London

Simple design

These rooms are simple and classy in their own way. They are bathrooms but not exactly. What makes them different from other bathrooms is that there are no separation walls. They are also referred to as walk-in bathrooms because there are no enclosures present. Even if there are enclosures, there are no doors, hence the term “walk-in”. Some people may find this design strange but there are also people who welcome this kind of design for its many advantages.

It is the part of a bathroom that is not separated in a distinct way. In popular designs, you can observe that wet rooms in London come with three glass walls or c-shaped enclosures. The flooring is leveled and no specific elevation or depression is seen. But the floor design has to be accurate so that the water can easily flow towards the drainage. Any fault in the floor plan or the drainage system could cause the entire structure to become useless.

Designing of this room means that you need to pay special attention to the kind of shower you select and the layout of the room including the position of the cabinets and electrical outlets.

Size matters

The most important factor, in the end, is the size of the bathroom. If the size is big then the wet room will be just as good and customizable but even if it isn’t you can still have a sizeable wet room. There are numerous designs and features to choose from depending on the available resources. You can check out other walk-in shower facilities to see what kind of ceiling and flooring is do-able. However, if the bathroom is too small for such a build, then you need to consider using another room.

wet room

Some people are not in favor of a wet room but if you really believe that this is for you, then consider having your bathroom planned accordingly. Have an engineer come in and take a look. You may even be required to redo your bathroom as a result of wanting to install a wet room. Have a suitable floor plan for effective drainage, cabinets to save your tissue papers and towels from getting soaked and electrical outlets away from you so that there is no danger of electrocution.

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