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The Benefits Of Regular Maintenance Of Your Fire Equipment

Several business owners are aware of all the overwhelming penalties that a fire outbreak might bring to their businesses.

Owing to this, the owners struggle to protect their company as well as employees by installing a premium quality Fire Safety Equipment in Sydney like fire extinguishers. Though, it is essential to remember that a fire protection doesn’t end here.

Proper maintenance, as well as care, is necessary to ensure your employees and business safety won’t be conceded by defective or faulty firefighting machines. This process includes professional services, but on the other side, the business owner should also ensure the fire fighting machines are well maintained.


Below are the tips to make your machines well maintained.

Annual Service

Business owners should hire a team of experts to annually to make sure that their machines are working well or not. It is also stated that fire fighting equipment must be maintained according to the recognized quality assurance standards. A professional technician of a reputed company who is approved and certified from a recognized institute is a must to hire. Apart from this, annual servicing must be done in your other fire safety machines like

  • Fire hose
  • Sprinkler systems

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is also the second important thing everyone must consider to maintain their fire extinguisher. Enlist an expert to check the fire fighting equipment for frequently:

  • Dents
  • Cracks
  • Rusts
  • Pressure Gauge Operation
  • Anti-Tamper Seals
  • Weights
  • Head-Cap Degradation
  • Discharge Test Dates
  • Many More

Once a regular checking is done, the professional expert will give a written detailed report of the inspection and will also fill in your fire log book. With this, you can have an overview of your fire device condition.

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Monthly Inspection Responsibilities

Being a business owner, it is also a must to carry out the regular inspection of your fire safety equipment. For instance, it is a must to check the smoke detectors at least once in two months to check the need of battery replacement. You must also check the location of the battery as if these are placed in a safe place or not.

Must examine the fire extinguisher to know if there are any dents or damages. Check the safety pin is it straight or not. Record your inspections in your fire log book. If you don’t have the time to do so, then you must hire a team of professional inspectors.

It takes a huge effort to maintain your fire safety equipment. You should also make yourself sure about employees partake as well. Your employees should report you immediately if they notice a particular sign of malfunction or damage to your fire safety equipment. Furthermore, you should also train a fire warden to assist you with the inspection and maintenance of the firefighting tools.

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