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Strut Cards

We offer appealing strut cards for you to help promote your service and increase sales
There are a variety of non-traditional marketing tools that can assist in promoting an organisation. However, not all businesses consider investing in these tools. Since it is very important to make your existence noticeable in the market, you can rely on our strut cards to announce any brand-new project or product that you might need to market. Our strut cards in Melbourne are an efficient choice if you have to improve the sales of your services and products.

The best on-shelf screen cards in the area
Program cards are best for on-shelf or counter screens where they catch the attention of visitors and consumers. They are light and easy to carry around, utilized with various colours to promote the exposure of a short-term promo. Our strut cards in Sydney are printed on a high gloss installed with a lockable strut glued onto the back. They are extremely efficient in delivering messages and are inexpensive for small business owners. These appealing display solutions are the very best for any shop counters or dinner tables, etc.

Strut Cards

Attract the attention of visitors and consumers by placing our strut cards in practical areas.

Strut cards are an ideal way to market items on the spot in a cost-effective way. They are also called countertop cards, display cards or show cards for drawing attention to a particular product, sale or promotion.

We preserve a constant palette and include catchy phrases on the card to draw consumer’s attention to your product and services. We use various strategies to make them more attractive to your target audience. From cutting, embossing, printing and lamination, we can do anything to make your show cards as memorable as possible.

Our strut cards include a matt or shiny lamination that secures them from extreme climate condition or any type of fade-outs. We guarantee to provide superior quality show cards in Sydney and Melbourne, no matter size, the design of type. So get the most imaginative and effective strut cards by calling us today at 0421 032 299.

Strut Cards

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