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Investing in strong and sturdy medical equipment

When a patient has to be stabilized in the ER, then the last thing the emergency medical team needs at the time is faulty medical equipment. If a dying patient needs to be carried into the ER from the ambulance or from the scene of the accident into the ambulance and the quality of the stretcher used is substandard, then the situation could worsen.

Good quality medical equipment is the backbone of a professional emergency service. It is vital that you invest in strong equipment from the boatload of suppliers in the market because a mistake in the purchase of even the simplest components could result in catastrophe. It is not only the accident victims, but also the everyday patients need to be treated with quality equipment.

If needles are not sterile, tubing is cracked and monitoring equipment is inadequate, the result could be catastrophic. This means that the administration needs to select only the best and reliable suppliers for their medical equipment. But, even in environments where strict quality checks are in place, there is still a small chance for inadequate equipment to slip through. The doctors and nurses also need to make sure that the instruments they use are clean.

Nowadays, the economic pressure has forced the administration of medical institutions to look for ways to save money on medical equipment without actually endangering the lives of their patients. The best way to do this is to buy the equipment at auction. Auctions are a good way to save some money on equipment but this may not always be the case. However, machinery like MRI or CAT scanners can be really costly if you want to buy them brand new.

Compared to that, a second-hand market could offer slightly used equipment in good working condition at an affordable price. If you live in countries like Malaysia, This is how you save money on medical equipment without actually putting someone else’s life at risk.

If the hospital or clinic that wants to buy new equipment decides that they want to save money on equipment by buying it on auction or from the second-hand market, then they need to make sure of two things:

  • The equipment should be from a reliable manufacturer
  • It should be designed according to regulations governing the supply of medical equipment

Demand for such equipment is high and some dealers are exploiting this demand by supplying below par equipment. You need to be aware of this type of dealing. Do not buy your equipment from illegal dealers or anyone that looks shady. Check and test the equipment before purchase. Otherwise, this purchase could endanger the life of the patient and the practitioner.

This can be avoided if you limit yourself to recognized brand names that have a good reputation in the supply of medical equipment. Now, everyone knows brands have a big price tag on their items and it is okay if you don’t want to pay that much money. You can buy it second-handed.

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