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How to choose the best under-counter wine cooler for your kitchen?

If you are the type of person who has great taste in wine and likes to buy expensive wines, then a wine cooler is your need as well. This is because without the proper temperature and optimal storage solutions, your wine’s taste will change and it will not turn out to be the same thing that you bought. Moreover, wine has its own optimal chilling temperature. This is why you cannot store it in your normal regular refrigerator. You have to store it at a temperature that doesn’t only keep it chilled but preserves its original flavor as well.

If you have never bought a wine cooler before and are confused about whether you should buy an under counter wine cooler or a free standing one, then here are a few pointers that can help you decide the type of cooler that you should buy:

  • First of all, determine the use for which you are buying the wine cooler. Whether you are planning on storing the wine or you just want to chill them so you can serve them to your friends. This is because if you are planning on storing the wines for a long time, then a walk-in cabinet is the way to go. This is the wine that wine collectors have in their houses. It doesn’t only store your wines properly but makes a fantastic impression on the onlookers as well.
  • If you are short on space or if you just want a cooler that makes your kitchen look unique and modern, then you can either choose a sleek and sophisticated free-standing cooler or a under counter one. This will solve the space problems at your kitchen as well.


  • After this comes the point of the type of wines you want to store. If you are a fan of just one type of wine, then a single zone vine cooler will be perfect. However, if you want to store both red and white wines, then you will have to do with dual zone wine cooler. This way, both the types of wines will be stored at their optimal temperatures. You can set differently the temperatures of each type of wines and hence, their tastes will be preserved as well.

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