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How and Why Should You Hire a Birthday Party Planner in Sydney

If you like to throw parties but haven’t done any recently, you should consider hiring a party planner in Sydney. Party planners are professionals who trained in the art and science of event management.  Whether you are planning a birthday, corporate event or wedding reception, party planners can help you get the most out of your event. They can help you decide where to hold the event and how to do it. These are both integral questions as they affect the cost as well as the success of the event. If you are planning a birthday party, you should consider hiring a birthday party planner in Sydney.


Planning an event on your own is not impossible, but it is a lot of hassle. You need to organise a lot of things which can get exhausting. By the time the actual event takes place, you who are the host, are so exhausted that you are too tired to have fun and enjoy that for which you have made so much effort and spent time planning. Then there is always the fear of things not going as planned. What if the caterer doesn’t show up on time? What if someone gets hurt while bouncing on the bounce house? You can’t be in ten places at the same time. You cannot be entertaining the guests and watching whether there are a safe number of kids in the bounce house at a time. furthermore, when you plan an event on your own, you might get so tired at the end, that by the time the actual event starts you are in no position to have fun.

You will probably know that every event has a unique set of demands. A wedding anniversary function is going to be quite different from the birthday party of a toddler. Often we simply tend to focus on the very basics the cake, the food and the venue which is often the back garden. A birthday party planner will not only look after the catering but will also help you decide on party attractions. Party attractions are often something we tend to ignore. These should depend on the needs of your guest list. If your attendees are mainly kids, make sure there is enough to keep the kids entertained.

Bounce houses are quite popular as children and adults alike, can bounce around as much as they want. Furthermore, magic shows are also quite entertaining. The problem arises when you want to hire a bounce house or a magician. It may not be much of a problem if you have reference points like a friend who hired a magician or puppet show company for their kid’s event. You can simply call up the friend and ask for the entertainer’s contact details. Furthermore, if you are planning on organising some games, you can go online and try hiring or buying the required equipment. There is a possibility you spend money on something the kids don’t like at all.

Plus the cake has to be your child’s favourite cartoon character. Finding the right confectionery artist for this purpose is no mean feat. There are a lot of people who make delicious and beautiful cakes, however, identifying the right one is going to be rather difficult and this is where a party planner in Sydney can help.

You are probably wondering how to find the right one? The answer is simple if you know of a couple of tried and tested ones you should contact them. These can be people who planned events for friends and family. Some party planners will specialise in particular kinds of parties, for instance, office parties, reunions and birthday parties. If you do not have any reference points, the best place to look is the internet. Go online and search for party planners organising events near you.

Once you identify a couple of party planners, browse their website to take a look at their event portfolio. This will tell you whether they are capable of birthday party planning or not. The next thing you should do is read service reviews. When you identify a birthday party planner in Sydney with positive reviews, call them up and set up an appointment to discuss options and chalk out a party plan. One thing you need to be careful of is your budget and communicating exactly what you want to the party planner in Sydney. If you communicate exactly what you want, only then the party planner will be able to help you out in organising a memorable event. Hopefully this way you can plan out a stress-free event and actually enjoy it yourself as well.

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