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Get teeth whitening in Merrylands by a professionally sound dentist for immediate results

When looking for teeth whitening in Merrylands, you can find many renowned dental clinics in the area. This is an easy to perform the procedure and can transform your smile a great deal. This is a professional treatment that is used to remove any stains on the teeth that make them look yellow. However, it is not possible to whiten deep stains that have been penetrated into the teeth enamel.

Whether you are looking for a complete treatment or just a follow-up routine appointment, your dentist can help you in various ways. Although you can find a number of teeth-whitening products in the market, it is advised that you visit a dentist and get a treatment done. The products available in the market have a lot of active ingredients which are not very effective or good for your health, you should check with your dentist if the treatments are suitable for you or not.

If you have sensitive teeth and want to avoid the pain caused by sensitivity, you need to check with your dentist. He will be able to check for signs and diagnose the reason behind increased sensitivity. Sensitivity induces a pain in the tooth due to consuming something cold or warm and causes an irritable pain for the patient. All these issues need to be addressed, and you definitely need to see your dentist in any of the above scenarios.

There are a lot of reasons which may hamper your teeth whitening treatment. So you need to make sure that you are taking the necessary precautions and following a few guidelines, which are as follows:


Ensuring that the amount of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D is enough in your body and you are taking enough supplements if you are deficient for anyone or all of them. All these three things are necessary to maintain healthy teeth. The enamel of your teeth can be affected due to deficiency of vitamin A. Likewise, vitamin C is necessary to maintain healthy gums. So you need to ensure consuming vitamins at least a month before going for a whitening treatment.

The teeth whitening procedure:

The dentists use the application of hydrogen peroxide onto the teeth for whitening them. You can either opt for a home or a clinical treatment. The home treatment consists of a low dosage which has gradual results, whereas, the clinical treatment is usually done in two sessions.  It is done with a laser or light source. A special protector is used to protect the gums and then a standard amount of concentrated peroxide gel is applied to the teeth directly. This gel needs to be activated by heat or light and takes almost an hour to complete treatment.

The patient experiences slight sensitivity issues during or after the whitening treatment are carried out. A sharp pain is experienced by the patient for up to 48 hours who go for laser whitening procedure. The dentist usually offers a special gel to help to reduce the pain and sensitivity. The extent to which the pain is experienced varies from individual to individual.

It is better to research about a procedure prior to getting it done by any professional dentist so that you are prepared for it mentally. When carried out professionally, teeth whitening can be an effective treatment and if cared can last for up to 6 months to 1 year. If your caffeine intake is high, it is likely that the results won’t last up for so long.

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