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The Perennial Problem of Child Head Lice Control!

Top Remedial Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Them Permanently

Head lice infestation is one of the most common problems that bug us, especially kids.
The reason being kids cannot differentiate between the good and bad and mix freely
with everyone and everything. And kids seem to have a particular affinity towards mud –
they perhaps like the taste of it and hence become carriers of infectious diseases that
affect the stomach as well! Head lice do come from mud and dirt and most importantly,
a dirty environment. But sometimes, even after heavy disinfection head lice just do not
seem to go away!

Child Head Lice Control

What Happens when the Lice Attack us?

This might be almost a daily routine for those who have been affected by lice; everyone
including the children is affected due to the battle undertaken to combat the lice!

Massive Cleaning operations
Equally massive disinfection operations
Exposure to poisonous chemicals and toxins
Lice prevention equipment’s like thin spaced combs – children simply hate these
treatments because it hurts them like hell!
Anti-termite and lice treatments extended to all furniture and even family!

Day and night spent in cleaning and disinfecting the whole house
Immense waste of time and energy, not to forget the pollution due to the
chemicals used.

Child Head Lice Control
So how do you combat lice attacks? The best solution For Child Head Lice Control
would be – prevention. As they say, ‘Prevention is better than Cure’!

Preventive Maintenance to Get Rid of Lice

Sometimes, we act too lazy to get up and do the daily cleaning activities – this might have a detrimental effect in the future, as with the case of lice. Therefore we should never ever stay dirty. It does not take much time to take a bath with proper cleaning agents; so why stay off it? If you have pets at home, special care should be taken that they are disinfected frequently, as per instructions given by your vet.

Homes having carpets should know that these nice looking things are a potential place for growth of head lice as well. Head lice seem to love soft and warm places to lay their eggs and what a better place to live than a carpet! Carpet cleaning, at least vacuum cleaning should be carried out daily. Care should be taken that the carpet is kept dry and clean. Damp furniture is another indication of an infectious disease in future or even allergies!

With small kids running around in the home, you can never take any chances. Get them a warm bath with shampoos and soaps as soon as they come back from their school or from their friend’s place. They may not like it initially but soon will know the importance of that and will only thank you in the future. Clean and hygienic habits are a must for any family and one should take care that all the members lead a healthy and clean life, never shirking from staying clean and disinfected!

Child Head Lice Control

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